A Bridge and a Setting Sun

A tiny bridge over a water body; we happened to cross it sometime last year while touring Tamil Nadu the southernmost state of India. The bridge was of simple construction but it definitely seemed to be the lifeline of that area.

As I was approaching the bridge I could clearly see the sun set in the distant horizon. The whole scene looked so beautiful I had to stop. It looked straight out of a picture story book to me. I had to stop to capture the moment. Vehicles zoomed past, their drivers had no time to stand and admire and I wondered how could they not?

I spotted a bicycle left reclining against a tree. To me the cycle against the water reflecting sun’s setting rays looked mesmerizing and I froze those moments. When I see the shots now, they carry me back to that same peaceful ambiance.

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24 Responses

  1. Takes a photographer like you to freeze THAT moment:) How we rush by!

  2. slommler says:

    And a beautiful moment it is too!! Well captured.

  3. Anu says:

    its really beautiful!!! but then how often do we stop to see the sun rise or set just over our house? it looks as beautiful at times…. we are just too used to it.. and its probably the same with all those people who hurried by without a glance!

  4. Francisca says:

    Isn't it great when we stop to capture the moment… with our eyes, with our hearts… with our lens. 🙂

  5. what a serene scene. this reminds me of my hometown in the province–life is simple and peaceful.

  6. Arundhati says:

    Lovely… this is what RK Narayan's Sarayu would have looked like today, I imagine. That bicycle adds a relaxed air to the pic. Beautiful shots

  7. Nessa says:

    Sometimes the simplest is the most beautiful.

  8. Halcyon says:

    I love the light on the water and the color of the sky. And the bridge too, of course!

  9. JM says:

    The reflection on the water is awesome!

  10. Kaori says:

    Gorgeous warm colors of the sunset! Maybe it's because they see it everyday? 😀

  11. EG Wow says:

    I very much like the sky in these photos, Indrani. Warm and inviting. 🙂

  12. Pietro says:

    Really fine peaceful views, great atmosphere.

  13. Denise says:

    Beautiful photos Indrani. I was talking to a gentleman from India a few weeks ago, and he told me that there is a black rose in southern India that grows nowhere else in the world. Have you ever come across it I wonder?
    An English Girl Rambles

  14. Lovely photos with that warm glow!

  15. Robyn says:

    I must apologise for not taking time to comment of late, but I have been enjoying every bit of your blogs.

    best wishes always
    Robyn x

  16. Dreamy and beautiful. I love this post.

  17. I love your photo. The colors of the sky, the reflection in the water, the slight choppiness and the blue cast of the concrete.

    It works for me.

  18. We are glad not only that you stopped to capture this moment, but also that you shared it with us and linked it on Sunday Bridges.

  19. Mo says:

    A beautiful spot. With lots to see in it.

  20. sujata says:

    The cycle parked against the tree and the setting sun is so chaste and peaceful a scene, that even the people who have not actually seen this setting can feel the lovely calm vibe.

  21. Linnea W says:

    I'm glad you weren't on that bus! Otherwise you would have missed this beautiful scene! Thanks for stopping by.

  22. Sharodindu says:

    Cool shots… 🙂

  23. George says:

    I'm glad you stopped to admire the sunset. Your photos are wonderful.

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