5 Urgent Measures to Prevent Selfie Related Damages

Each time I read news related to havoc created by selfie taking maniacs I nod my head in disgust and disbelief. This selfie mania is spreading like virus. Even last year this kind of news wasn’t so frequent but this year the figures are spiraling, no lessons learnt what ever happens! Most of the selfie related damages happening at touristy places appalled me. At one level selfie for an image is understandable but selfie causing damage how acceptable is that!

I was stumped by this selfie crazy couple who parked their vintage jeep on a railway track to take pictures. Seeing the train approaching them they tried starting the vehicle but the old machine refused to budge. Good sense prevailed; they abandoned their vehicle and stood watching their vintage glory shatter to pieces. This happened in Ramanagaram, close to Bangalore.

Selfie Gone Wrong in Lisbon

What propelled me into writing this post was the news of this young man of 24, who climbed on to a pedestal for a selfie with the statue of the King. Quite a clumsy indisciplined dimwitted chap he must be, for the 126 year old statue crashed to ground, shattered to pieces. I have seen the statue during my recent trip to Lisbon. It was placed centrally between two ornate arches at the entrance to Rossio railway station in central Lisbon.

Lisbon Selfie Related Damages

The statue was of Dom Sebastian. He is known as the child king, a young leader,
he ruled Portugal from 1557 – 1578 after taking the throne at the age of three
following the deaths of his father and grandfather. He died at the Battle of Alcacer Quibir when he was just 24, after his army was defeated by 60,000 soldiers
amassed as a response to his invasion of Morocco.
The statue has been positioned there since June 1890.

The incident is reported as ‘he accidentally toppled the statue’; what is accidental in this when the act of climbing up the pedestal was intentional? The King didn’t come down to get his selfie taken; it is this guy who went up. Will tourists ever tire of this ridiculous craze? Can I request the officials there to dress him up as the king and make him stand there as punishment?

This incident will seem less serious if you compare it to what happened to a baby dolphin caught by a group of selfie crazy tourists in a beach in Argentina. The little thing succumbed, it couldn’t remain out of water long enough to satisfy the cravings of selfie crazy, social media crazy tourists. I strongly feel capturing moments like this for virtual enjoyment should be banned.

Leading Leaders Taking Selfies

What is wrong with this human race? From world leaders like Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, U.S. President Barack Obama, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to common man… almost everybody seems to be obsessed with taking selfies. I admit here that I too have taken selfies but not always and never at the risk of life. Photos are meant to create memories and not to take life. Try not to loose self control and self discipline. It should not be me, me and me always!

In India the story is no different. Here too selfie crazy, fame hungry people give up their life while trying to achieve their moment of glory. How else can you explain the action of the boy who wanted selfie with a fast approaching train or that of a boy with loaded revolver pointing towards his head or the young girls posing on the rocks of seashore of Bandra, Mumbai? A Japanese tourist lost his life while taking selfie in Taj Mahal! A young girl lost her life in Seville Spain while posing precariously on a bridge. The list of selfie related damages and deaths are increasing and precautions need to be taken to prevent more such incidents.

5 Urgent Measures to Prevent Selfie Related Damages

Here are some measures that can stop the selfie related damages. You can suggest some more to add to this.

  • No Selfie Zone and Selfie Zone to be specified clearly in public places and tourist locations. Mumbai, India, recently declared 16 “no-selfie” zones across the city. Authorities have warned that those who take selfies in risky areas would be fined.
  • Ban all selfie related photography contests. Government can do well to ban selfie related contests or force organizers to take permission to conduct such contests.
  • Warning to be mentioned in tickets that selfie related damages can cause imprisonment and fine.
  • Employ people who can take pictures of tourists.
  • Facebook and other social media sites should introduce “DISLIKE” button for dangerous selfie related images.

Shrinidhi suggests: Selfie sticks also need to be banned. They are already banned in many places as I have noted.

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44 Responses to “5 Urgent Measures to Prevent Selfie Related Damages

  • Good advice and post. I have heard about people dying trying to get their selfies. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

    • Indrani Ghose
      2 years ago

      Yes Eileen, a dangerous trend is setting in and needs to be curbed before things do out of control. Thank you for the compliment on my post. Wishing you a great week ahead!

  • Good post. I had no idea about the selfie tragedies.

  • Selfie sticks also need to be banned. They are already banned in many places as I have noted.

  • *The King didn’t come down to get his selfie taken; it is this guy who went up* – So true! The phone manufacturers are also going overboard manufacturing selfie capability as their USP!
    A girl lost her life in Mumbai recently when she fell into the sea and drowned while taking her selfie on the rocks!

  • selfie tragedies are another disaster slowly creeping into our lives ..especially teens and youths…though a bit unknowingly. We should better take note of it. Good advice Indrani…

  • It is a craze that has now gone viral with folks posting selfies in more and more weird situations… It is good to take a selfie as it preserves your memory but not at a cost of life and safety… good thought invoking article

  • I like your idea of punishment for the 24 year old guy! I guess he really deserves it for bringing down an age old statue just for a selfie!

    An apt post Indrani!

  • A great informative post. I wasn’t even aware of these selfie goofups!

  • Bad stuff, poor man.

  • Selfie related deaths never teach a lesson to those who cherish indulging in selfies without being conscious of the dangers lurking behind them

  • Thanks for the post.

  • Maniparna Sengupta Majumder
    2 years ago

    I agree. I’ve seen people go gaga taking selfies. Recently, while attending a child’s birthday, I observed that the invitees were actually neglecting the occasion while they were busy clicking selfies!

  • Insightful. Plus the sheer craze is so irritating sometimes. I recently witnessed my cousins and young nieces clicking away to glory for 5 hours straight, at a wedding.

  • I’ve been marvelling at the stupidity of these selfie obsessed people and was particularly appalled by the dolphin incident. There was also a Greek tourist who tugged at a goose so roughly to take a selfie with it that the poor thing actually fell unconscious. I believe it eventually got up and walked off. Good post Indrani.

  • Very thoughtful post Indrani. Seriously I couldnt understand or even digest such idiotic craziness when it comes to selfie. Many have even lost their lives. Some serious measures must be taken to avoid such things. This post came up in a right time, I guess.

  • I didn’t know about the crashing of the old statue, but read about the jeep incident and some have lost their lives too. Taking selfies should be banned in such places.
    Good advice.

  • totally agree…people should be aware of possible situation that too much indulgence in selfie will cause…

  • Great post! I never heard of this selfie tragedy! But really good to know!


  • This is appalling…had read the report of that bizarre incident where the selfie-obsessed nut had crashed the statue. It is really disheartening to know the figures are going northwards for such mishaps. Indrani, very responsible blogging on your part in pointing out this menace gripping people who are oblivious of the treasures they are destroying in their desperation for a mere click.

  • I completely agree with you … selfie are sometimes dangerous too, there have been so many fatal incidents 🙁

  • I completely agree with you, people behave in a crazy way for selfies. I was in Nainital a year back and this guy was standing on a narrow wall, taking selfies, the other side of the wall was a steep valley and it was much slippery.

  • Quiet a valid concern you have raised here Indrani. Such a tragic end for Dom Sebastian statue that too by the carelessness of a person. While we cant stop people from taking pics, but can we ourselves ensure that if we see any one doing any harm to heritage properties or nature for that matter, for his own pleasure of a selfie/pic must be deterred from doing so.

  • yogi Saraswat
    2 years ago

    I was thinking that “selfie crazy people are in India only who does not care for his life for a selfie but it is also in Lisbon ? No Selfie Zone and Selfie Zone to be specified clearly in public places and tourist locations. Mumbai, India, recently declared 16 “no-selfie” zones across the city. Authorities have warned that those who take selfies in risky areas would be fined. nice initiative .

  • You just can’t help but shake your heads. People completely abandon common sense it seems. Great article.

  • Not yet for me. I still dont understand how the photo will look better with my face in it too.

  • I hope this guy is fined for what he did. I do not want to think no repercussion are going to be taken against him. I have read stories of people who have died taking a selfie (a couple fell of a cliff in Portugal). People are going too far to “wow” on their social media channels.

  • Truly Nice write up !

  • Good post. You could use this for S in ABC on Wednesday. I shall never take selfies.
    Wil, ABCW Teamc

  • I am very much against selfies when we are on the road, while sitting at a safe place it is still ok…there have been so many nasty incidents I’ve heard of!

    No selfie zone is a good initiative.

  • Great advice here! I can’t imagine how one can be so careless just to take a selfie.

  • I like your idea of employing people to take photos. But then again, in some countries, we will probably have con men posing at photographers and taking off with your camera. Luckily I am not a big selfie fan and I prefer being behind the camera and taking candid shots of my kids.

  • Wow… what a entry for this weeks letter…. not what i expected….
    To be honest, i hadn’t heard before of these happenings… but indeed they are appaling!!

    Have a nice ABC-Wednes-day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  • I have seen so many stupid actions by people taking selfies.
    I have taken a few of my Hubby and I but never at a danger to us or others.
    Great post today.

  • the whole SELFIE culture I find distressing.


  • The selfie tragedies you described are scary. I don’t see a problem with an occasional selfie, but I believe some young ones are addicted to it. Blessings!

  • I second what Roger said, I hope the idiot who shattered the statue is made to pay for another one to be commissioned.
    Most interesting post,

    best wishes,
    ABCW team

  • This is a really good post with valuable advice.I really don’t like selfies.One reason is that it gives ugly faces if you don’t click properly.When we can capture a beautiful moment with beautiful view and background,why we go for a selfie?
    These days Sri Lanka is under severe flood threat.Most Sri Lankans help each other and lot of volunteer works are going on.Facebook is full of such news and among those there are few who enjoy taking selfies in flood and share in facebook!They risk their lives and also disrespect others who struggle with flood and trying to volunteer….

    • Indrani Ghose
      2 years ago

      Hi Amila, you are so right about the obsession for selfies. I too saw the pic of a woman taking selfie in the flooded waters of Sri Lanka. It was published in papers here.

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