Hopping Over 410 Bridges in Venice, Italy

Lonely Planet mentions: Venice is built on 117 small islands and has some 150 canals and 410 bridges. These bridges are small, yet they are the lifelines of the city. Every wrong turn we took during our walks there, we ended up crossing more cute little bridges. They are called as Ponte. We always paused either to see the gondolas going underneath. Sometimes to take a shot of another bridge from one bridge, or see the Grand Canal at a distance. It never tired us.

410 bridges in Venice

410 Bridges in Venice

Whenever I see these two shots of the boat emerging from underneath one of the bridges I was standing, the same surprise comes flooding back into my mind. The boat barely managed to fit in the narrow canal and yet how smoothly it was cruising. What if another boat appeared from the opposite side at the same time? The ‘what if’ remained as ‘what if’. I never came across such a scene of traffic jam in the narrow canals, at least not the times on those three days I crossed those bridges. Could they be ‘one way’ canals?

410 little bridges, as I read that before departing for Venice, I was finding it hard to visualize one single city with so many bridges. Can it be true? It was true!

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