25th of April Bridge Lisbon

One of the iconic structures of Lisbon, Portugal is the 25th of April Bridge Lisbon. We crossed it by car when we entered Lisbon from Evora via Almada. Amazing structure! It is the 27th largest suspension bridge in the world! The span is 2.2kms, with speed limit at 70 on the bridge I had ample time to photograph the Bridge Lisbon.

And to think that this was the upper deck of the bridge having 6 lanes for cars, below us there was another deck for electrified trains was thrilling! The view of blue waters of Tejo River further down was exhilarating. Between the grills I caught a few glimpses of Lisbon port.



Construction of the bridge began on 5 November 1962. Forty-five months later (six months ahead of schedule) the bridge was inaugurated on 6 August 1966. The bridge was named Salazar Bridge (Ponte Salazar), in honor of the Prime Minister António de Oliveira Salazar. Soon after the Carnation Revolution (a military coup in Lisbon which overthrew the regime of the Estado Novo) in 1974, the bridge was renamed the 25 de Abril Bridge, the day the revolution had occurred.

The name “Carnation Revolution” comes from the fact that almost no shots were fired and when the population took to the streets to celebrate the end of the dictatorship and war in the colonies, carnations were put into the muzzles of rifles and on the uniforms of the army. The Portuguese celebrate the national holiday of Freedom Day on 25 April every year to celebrate the revolution.

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