12 Days of Greece Tour

It was hard for us to choose the destinations in Greece because of the limited number of days we had. While reviews of islands like Santorini and Crete were bewitching, the Unesco World Heritage sites of Greece were equally alluring. I succumbed to the captivating heritage sites most of which had crumbling ruins, almost fading away from the face of earth.

 The next problem was, there were 3 national holidays in the 12 days period, which meant the world heritage sites would be shut to tourists. So effectively we had just 9 days to tour the sites. Greece has 17 Unesco World Heritage sites, of which I could make it to 8 sites, couple of them I had to skip even though they were well within our travel range as they were closed. You can see the route map of my travel in the pic.

A total 1900kms was done in these 9 days.

We hired from Avis car rentals which gave a better deal than Hertz and Europcar. (They rent out snow chains too, but we trusted the weather forecast of light snow showers and didn’t take them. That saved a few Euros and thankfully the weather forecasts are quite accurate. )

The best I liked among these was Meteora. You cannot call it beautiful; it is out of the world kind of experience. If you are ever there, don’t rush through the 6 monasteries there, try and spend 2 days to soak it in completely, preferably under blue skies.

Thessaloniki is the northernmost city of Greece that we visited. I was a little disappointed here, not finding any proper route map to the various Byzantine monuments. The Hotel guy did the best he could. We visited Aigai (Vergina) from here. Sparti at south was again a sweet experience. Kids and I experienced snowfall for the first time in our lives in Delphi and Epidaurus. Thankfully it was just 2 to 3 cms snowfall. Without snow chains on wheels we managed to drive on at slow speed with no noteworthy incidents. Smaller cities and towns like Larissa, Lamia, Navplion, Korinthos and Sparti made great places to halt and interact with locals a bit, and also enabled us to taste authentic Greek dishes. Athens charmed us with its mix of modern and ancient structures. The taverns’ experiences here are unforgettable for me. Plaka here is a window shoppers’ paradise.

More elaborate blogposts on what was seen, eaten, and experienced soon.

Karagiozis, a Character of Greek Folklore
Sky from Nafplio, Greece

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